Wednesday, June 8, 2016

8 Jun 2016 - Ups and Downs Each Week

Dear All,

There was a drummer duo on the subway and they were actually very
good. There was a couple with a newborn baby and as one of the
drummers passed with his hat for money he said this, "Did you enjoy
it? Yeah, I know you did because it was fire...I started when I was that
little...well maybe a little bigger." I just thought that was funny.

I love this quote from Elder Oaks: "We invite all to come unto Christ
by repentance and baptism and confirmation in order to open the doors
of the Celestial Kingdom to the sons and daughters of God. No one else
can do this”. The reason I like it so much is because he's so straight
about it. He ends it by making it clear that we're the only ones who
have the ability to open the doors to the Celestial Kingdom for God's
children. This isn't because we're smarter or better than other
people, it's simply because of the Restoration of the Gospel. Joseph
Smith received the Priesthood Authority of God and it has remained in
this Church since then. "[This] Church is not just another religion,
nor is it an American church. Rather, it is a restoration of the
'fulness of [the] gospel' (D&C 1:23), the same as was revealed and
taught from the beginning". This is the same church as was established
by Jesus Christ. It was brought back to the earth after almost 1800
years from when it was taken away by Heavenly Father. It isn't Joseph
Smith's church, nor is it Nephi's church. This is Jesus Christ's
Church. And it's back on the earth because God loves His children and
has given it back to us.

On the subway a mother made a famous quote to her 6 year old
daughter. The daughter wasn't eating her donut the way the mom wanted
her to. So she said this, "I will bust yo head into the back of this
g*****n seat if you wanna play with me. Eat it! Or I'll throw it
away." What a classic Bronx-Mom quote.

We had just left the meeting we had with Elder Bennit of the 70. He
came to our mission on Tuesday for a mission conference of sorts. We
were on our way to a Less Active's apartment and walked past a guy and
said hello. He stopped and turned to ask us where we were from. We
told him and just immediately transitioned into teaching the Gospel
because we were still on a spiritual high from the meeting. This man,
Ashton, is a less-active member who hasn't been to church in a year.
He had just read the scriptures and prayed to tell Heavenly Father
that he'd talk to the next set of elders he found. Then five minutes
later he ran into us. It was such a miracle too, especially because
the member we went to see had apparently moved. So we felt that we
should go there because Heavenly Father wanted us to meet this man.
Even better, Ashton knows a deaf person! He's gonna get us the person's
address. Later that night we went to look up someone and wound up on a
wild goose chase. But after like 20 minutes of chasing him down and
asking everyone near if they'd seen the guy, we found him! A new deaf
person! It was super legit.

A rat fell from the sky today. We were walking back and a rat just fell from
the subway tracks above us. The subway tracks are about 20-30 feet up
and a rat just literally fell onto the sidewalk. It was very dead. It made a
very loud clunking sound as it hit the pavement.

"Obedience to Jesus Christ is a lifelong commitment."
"God is dope."
"I will bust yo head into the back off this g*****n seat of you wanna
play with me. Eat it! Or I'll throw it away."
"Get over yourself, get along with your companion."
"I cannot go out with a black girl!" *spoken by a black man

1 Nephi 11:16-17
Jacob 6:12

Keep on Truckin.

-Elder Daniel West

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