Wednesday, May 4, 2016

4 May 2016 - The Bell and West Moving Company

Dear All,

At about 9:50 am today, we found out that we will be covering the
whole mission once Elders Holloway and Turner go home, which is

in July. We were notified that we will also get to close down this
apartment. We have to move out before the end of the month. Where we
will move to is not yet known, but it will be a much better location
to cover the whole city. Technically, we'll also be covering Upstate,
I guess you could say that nothing is long-term for Elder Bell and me.
But it's okay, because it's gonna be fun.

Something I realized during a study session is that Jesus Christ is

literally the center of all things that affect us eternally. When
we face God and are not fully cleansed from our sins (because
we're human and imperfect,) it is only because of Jesus Christ's
Atonement that we'll be able to receive His mercy. That's the only
way that Justice and Mercy will both be able to be satisfied. 
It's so 
profound that I cannot describe how it makes me feel.Because Jesus 
Christ was resurrected, we will have theopportunity to face God in an
immortal state. Jesus Christ is how we'll get there, and Jesus Christ 
is the way we will be able to have mercy during that judgement. That
is why this church is called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints (italics added.) Although I always knew this, for some reason
it was different for me to learn this time.

Last Thursday was really rough at first. At weekly planning meeting
we had almost no investigators to plan for. It was really hard on us.
We spent a lot of time trying to think of different ideas to fill our
days with meaningful activities, but we were just stuck with look-ups
and phone games. Obviously those aren't wastes of time, but there are
so many better things we could do if we had more people to teach.
We said that we need to hope and pray for a miracle this week
because nothing has been happening through our own efforts.
We spent tons of time trying to figure out what to do for the
next day and had to resort to four hours of look-ups
and one lesson, (which is a terribly slow day, just FYI.) A little bit
later we were able to contact one of our newly found Less Active's,
Joy B.! It was super awesome, and it was even better when we were
able to set up to meet with her on Friday, which was the exact day
that we needed good activities for! It was such a miracle. The Lord
truly does reward us as we are faithful and learn to rely on His power.
That evening,while planning for the next day, the phone started
ringing. It was Donna from the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
She told us that she would really appreciate it if we would be able
to go to the church the next morning to do service for 2-3 hours.
Of course we quickly accepted! That, combined
with the lesson with Joy Brown and the other previously planned
lessons, made us completely full, with no more room for anything to
add. It was super awesome, and it's just so amazing that the Lord
provided so much for us after we were faithful and working for it.
Such a miraculous day.

On Friday, while we were waiting to start our service with the African

Methodist Episcopal Church - which is the building/address Elder Bell
felt inspired to go to a couple of weeks ago, by the way - there was a
funeral viewing happening outside. One of the drivers for the hearse
was chatting with us, and he said that he used to be a taxi driver
but had been working with the funeral home for 40 years. He then said
something pretty funny about being a driver for the car with the
He said, "Yeah, now I don't get any complaints from the passenger."
(It was a funny joke because now the passenger is dead.)

We were in Relief Society upstate interpreting for a deaf member, and
the teacher was crying. She asked if anyone had a tissue, and literally
the second she said it the entire class goes quickly rummaging through
their bags to get tissues. It was hilarious. That was a classic Relief
Society thing to happen. Although I've only ever been in Relief
two times to interpret for a woman, I could tell it was a classic response.

That's all this week!

"I'm not happy Bob, not happy."
"Dominican cake, I would highly recommend it...
Yeah, if you want to kill
"That awkward moment when you're on a crowded train and you mean to
airdrop something to your companion but instead you airdrop it to a

random stranger, who then stares at you."
"We were the married couple that just looked like a Mutual activity."
"In (insert specific city here) anytime you break up with someone it's 
because you can say, 'It's alright, we can still be cousins.' "
"When you don't think you can do this, you're right. Only through

Christ can you do this."

Phillipians 4:!3 - I can do all things through Christ

Keep on Truckin

-Elder West

Homemade Naan bread pizza -  Thanx Mom
Dinner with the Martins in upstate
We ran into the West Family

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