Wednesday, April 27, 2016

27 April 2016 - If only we could teleport

Dear All,

I do apologize for my rather lengthy letters. I think I've figured out
how to shorten them so they will no longer be ridiculous lengths.

There's been something happening a lot lately that I think is really
cool. Anytime Elder Bell and I are talking about one thing or another,
oftentimes I'm thinking something and then he just speaks exactly
what I was thinking. These occurrences happen especially when we're
discussing how to help out investigators or members, or what to talk
about for a lesson. They also happen a lot when we are discussing
something from our personal studies, or just discussing scripture in
general. It's pretty obvious to us that this is because these thoughts
we're having are from the Holy Ghost. It's super cool to see that as
we are obedient even our thoughts are able to be
lead by the Holy Ghost. It really is true that He can literally be our
constant companion and our guide. If we are worthy and doing
everything we can to be obedient, then we have the right to have holy
thoughts at all times because of their influence in our lives. It's
just something that we realized, and it's super cool.

My subway experience for the week was a new one. There was a
crazy guy on the train who was periodically rapping. Then we got to
the Grand Central stop, which is one where many people get on the
train. So once he noticed how crowded the train was gonna get he
yelled this: "No one step on my sneakers! I will knock a ***** out! I
don't give a **** about no cops! If anyone steps on my sneakers I will
crack their jaw!" It was ridiculous.

Our new apartment is in a much less ghetto location than the old one.
Better enough so that I'm no longer afraid that I'll get shanked
outside of our apartment when we go home at night.

Moroni 8:16-17 - It's just such a good scripture. It's got so many
awesome things in it. "I speak with boldness, having authority from
God; and I fear not want man can do". This is so so directly related
to missionary work. Especially as missionaries who are set apart as
official representatives of Jesus Christ, we must not be afraid to
speak boldly - but not with rudeness. We must show our faith in Christ
by our confidence in this calling. And it applies to more than just
missionaries.  All people should "fear not what man can do" because of
the faith you have in Jesus Christ. It's so crucial that we do not
fear man, but rather that we fear God. "Perfect love casteth out all
fear. And I am filled with charity, which is everlasting love."
Charity is the pure love of Christ. Christ didn't fear because His
love and faith were perfect. This scripture is just a good motto.

"She'll just have to get used to America."
"Suck it up."
"Is one box really gonna be enough?
What am I, 10?"
"Goals: Improve Eglish."
"They say an empty can makes the noise."
"If anyone steps on my shoes, I will knock you out. I don't care about
the cops, I will crack your jaw!"

Moroni 8:16-17 -  I speak with Boldness
The Family is of God
He is Risen

Keep on Truckin

-Elder West

Newly Polished shoes
Upper East Side- View out our apartment

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